artist statement

Living in the space between two cultures, I am interested in investigating the in-between spaces: between real and unreal, between the solid and the void.


As I live away from my home, I always feel the presence of two different worlds, cultures and points of view. It makes me see contradictions in everything. Experiencing differences emotionally and mentally and trying to adapt to a new place becomes your lifestyle and brings you to an endless journey. I started going inside to look for spiritual treasures.


I have always been fascinated by the relationship between ancient and modern art and I explore this through my works. They combine traditional cultural patterns with figures. This also symbolizes the stories of the places that I come from and how colorful and ornamental they are. Painting is my way of communication and my silent words that make me feel free and at home. I use patterns on canvas, ceramic or mosaic according to what I really want to tell. By this means, the paintings do talk about souls and feelings instead of me.


Creating characters or visual phenomena is just the firecracker of the ideas that come along with the patterns. These ideas describe themselves and their own inner worlds related to several mystical traditions. There are common elements that are needed for spiritual metamorphosis and transitions to another, transcendent dimension. According to the philosophy that feeds my soul; there is an inner dimension to the law that has to do with repentance, abasement of desire, and discipline of the self, or elimination of the ego. Transparent figures emphasize inner world of the pure innocence and ´übermensch´. It is an important concept in culture of the prototype human being where pure consciousness, one's true identity contrasts with the materialized human. The two different layers are against each other in a contradictory way; just as materialism and free souls.


After that point the paintings already become a being with their own philosophy and a story to tell.